wine•art • /wʌɪn-ɑːt/, ~s n. consists of various
branches of creative wine activity including brand consultancy and wine education.

{{ We bring a dash of flavour,
you bring your thirst for tasting.


People love drinking a great glass of wine, but it’s more the story behind the wine that they talk about.


We create, plan and manage branding strategies for wineries or wine trade companies to help them engage with wine lovers. We believe that each of our clients has an inspiring story. We help them select the right words to communicate their story through online/offline channels and to create a memorable experience.

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Are you a sommelier, or a professional in the wine trade?


Well, you have to admit that you have one of the greatest jobs in the world! However, learning about wine is an endless adventure even for professionals. Therefore, we offer different levels of wine training to wine people, including: marketing and sales teams working in the trade, food and beverage managers, sommeliers and bartenders in high-end hotels, shops, restaurants and retail chains.

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We talk as we taste. Simple and fun!


We enjoy getting together with our private or corporate clients at different sorts of tastings. We discover the secret of blind tasting or explore creative food and wine pairings. We learn how to select a wine from among many options or talk about little-known wine regions. Our tastings are tailored to our clients’ requirements.

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